How to fix Google Search app crash in Android: “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped”

If you are repeatedly facing the problem of Google search or Google Now crash, this tip might help you.

I had been facing the same issue. Everytime when I try to open google search or google now, it was crashing with the following error:

google-now-crashTry rebooting the device first. If it doesn’t fix your issue, follow the following method:

  • Go to apps and select settings
  • Tap Application manager in the list:
  • Screenshot_2013-05-14-12-42-52
  • Now you will find list of installed application with usage details. Click on the “Google Search” from the list. It will take you to the following scressn:Screenshot_2013-05-14-12-44-02
  • Click clear data. Scroll down:
  • Click clear cache. This might fix the issue of crash. Atleast it fixed the issue for me.Screenshot_2013-05-14-12-44-13
  • If this doesn’t solve your issue, repeat the process for other apps by google. There might be some dependency on other google apps.



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