Now, tweet beyond 140 characters using new Twitter conversation interface

If you ever wanted to tweet beyond 140 characters in a easier way, here is a good news for you. The new twitter conversation makes your  life easy.

Without the new conversation interface in twitter that is introduced yesterday, Twitter users were using different method to tweet lengthy contents. Some of these include

  • Depend on services like Twitlonger which takes your followers out of twitter though a read more link
  • Splitting it into many tweets and numbering tweets 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 which makes your followers difficult to spot other parts of a tweet.
  • Converting your tweet text to an image which need an image editor and makes it difficult to tweet.

All these methods have their own disadvantages. Here is a trick to tweet a series of content and make it easy for your followers to read:

  • Split your content into multiple parts of 140 characters or less
  • Tweet your first content, click on reply after it appears in the timeline
  • Tweet the second one as reply, you can even remove @mention of your handletwitmore2
  • You can keep replying to your latest tweet to add more contents.

Users will now see your tweets as a conversation, in chronological order instead of time line order.

In the case you have three or more tweets, last 2 tweets will be displayed with previous tweets hidden under”In reply to” button. One can click that to read the full series.


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