Security tips: Preventing your mobile phones from Malware attacks

As the news of increasing mobile malwares and viruses in android device is running around, you might have worried on how to keep your smartphone safe. Here are some tips that helps you to get rid of malwares.


  • If you find any apps/services as suspicious, try to get more information about that app. Search for details and others reviews about the app. If you don’t use it, remove it from your phone. Don’t keep any unused apps in the phone.
  • Watch your bill and data usage: Request your service provider for itemised bill if they have the option. Analyse it to see any SMS or MSM messages that are sent to unknown numbers without your notice. Apps can send messages and use internet in the background. Check for data usage by apps in your phone settings. (If you use Android jelly bean phone, option will be available in settings->data usage as shown below)



See if you find any app that is using internet which it is not supposed to use.

  •  Another good practice is disabling the “Wi-Fi auto connect” feature so your phone will only connect to known Wi-Fi networks. Do not use unknown open wifi networks which may be spreading malwares.
  • Don’t accept Bluetooth connect from unknown devices. There are viruses spreading through bluetooth as well. It may come with attractive titles.
  • Make sure where are you logging in: Some webpages mock the interface of popular websites like facebook/gmail etc and ask you to login. Other apps can ask for you to login with your email password. Don’t give your passwords for such apps. Also, don’t use your email password when you sign up for other websites.
  • Apps should only be downloaded from trustworthy sources. The free ones, while attractive, could offer more than you bargained for. Search google for reviews before you download one.
  • Keep the mobile Operating System/ firmware and applications up to date. Your device manufacturers might release security fixes that may be helpful in avoiding security holes in your device. Use softwares like Samsung  Kies, Nokia Suite etc depending on your device for the update.
  • Backup your important data periodically – You have option to restore the device to facroty default settings and erase all data when you are attacked or messed something. Always keep the backup and you can opt for restore in such cases without any fear.
  • Remember to be wary of links in suspicious email or text messages (both SMS and MMS). Our best advice is to delete unsolicited messages as soon as you receive them.

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